Querida (Spanish for Dear) is a series of photographs about Irene Trancossi and her older sister Chiara.

The photographs are “accurate ed accorate” (Italian for “accurate and heartfelt”) in their representation of strong connections.

The striking resemblance between the two sisters leads Irene to take photographs where the meticulous attention to aesthetic values combines with the expression of feelings rooted in the strongest, most precious blood ties.

Their resemblance allows for meaningful and playful identity swaps; the apparent reflection of one sister in the glass eventually reveals the face of the other.

Only by immersing oneself deep in the images is it possible to grasp the slight differences between them.

(Gianni Caverni)

In 2016, Querida was displayed as a solo exhibition at Hotel Cellai, in Florence.

Photographer Irene Trancossi

Set Designer Chiara Trancossi

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